Why Fencing?

There are a variety of reasons why homeowners choose to install fencing on their property. We work closely with our clients to determine their needs and guide them towards the best fencing solution. We also install fences to your landscape architects or swimming pool installation company’s design specs.

Here are the most common fencing situations:

  • Swimming Pools

    Swimming pools constructed in Maryland require a fence/wall that exceeds at least 48 inches. Above ground pools may require a fence if your deck does not have a gate that separates the deck from the pool. Fencing requirements can vary county by county, so it is important to work with a professional to make sure your fence is installed properly and to local codes. We can help you determine your fencing needs and install the most appropriate solution.

  • Pets & Wildlife

    Want to keep your pet in your yard? Fencing is a great way to protect your pets as well as meet local leash laws. Want to keep your neighbor’s pet or other wildlife off your property? We can install fences that provides protection for your lawn and landscaping from unwanted animals.

  • Protection

    Keeping kids safe is a parent’s #1 priority. Fencing provides another layer of peace of mind by offering a defined play area.

  • Privacy

    The typical privacy fence installation is a six-foot wood or vinyl fence. Chainlink fences provide privacy with upgraded slats or wind screening. 8′ high fences may be allowed in your residential area depending on local zoning codes. These types of fences will provide homeowners with the privacy they are looking for and upgrade their curb appeal. (realtors.com).

  • Security

    Fences have now become an necessity. It defines your property boundary and adds a layer of security. In a residential setting, a six-foot high fence is sufficient for your security. In a commercial or industrial setting, we can install fences of all heights including added features like barbed wire, or an exposed picket on an aluminum or wooden fence.

  • Replacement

    If your fence has been damaged by trees, has rusted, rotted, or is warping, give us a call! We can repair your fencing.